Kari Mecca

Maria, You can buy them on our website,

Maria Borth

Just bought the book, has some great things I want to make. My question is where can I buy the sticks. The website doesn't let me buy them. Thanks for your time and great ideas.

Elsa Baez

Hi Kari,

Hope your fine, I love all the things you do and your creativity. Kari I am Elsa one of the students from Puerto Rico, i remember the case your mother made you for your WHIMSY STICKS and i will like to know if she has made the pattern yet,I don't know if you remember you said it will be on your blog. I will like to make one for my Whimsy Sticks too. God Bless you and I hope the Lord will give you a lot of health so that you can continue with your creativity and inspiring other too.


Those are amazing, Kari!! I love them!!
You are so creative and talented...but your assistant interrupted you the whole time! That was frustrating!!
All the best,

Kari Mecca

Thank you Katie, I love them too no matter their size! Kari


Hi Kari,
I am a little late in finding this out but I know the little girls must love you!

Marysia Paling

Hi there Kari,

Your little Honey is just so adorable!

Happy Friday to you both, from a very hot Turkey!! Can't wait for cooler weather.

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Kari Mecca is a sewing and pattern designer, book author, teacher and innovator from sunny California. The owner of Kari Me Away, Kari is the inventor of Whimsy Sticks, Whimsy Pinwheels and Going in Circles Tools, a collection of fun and unique tools for sewing and embellishments. Her latest book, Whimsy Flowers & Trims, will be available in April 2014. Click here to learn more about Kari!
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