Penny Margison

Dear Kari,
I just love your dress designs in "Sewing with Whimsy". My sister and I have begun to sew girls dresses using our own patterns and plan to sell "one of a kind" dresses. My question is this: I would like to use your idea of the pleated sleeve and pleated dress using completely different fabrics and added items of my own. Would I be infringing on any copy rights that you have?
Please advise.
Thank you so much!

Mary Ellen Burnett

Please send me up for your newsletter ! Thank you


Hi Kari!

I need help! I stayed up late til MN last night trying to figure out how to make your pinwheel medallion. For the life of me I cant figure it out! Can you please, pretty please with cherry on top, do a tutorial video on how to make it?!

Thanks in advance,
Desperate Mommy

Eileen Bonahoom

Just got your book Sewing with Whimsy and want to make the Rainbow Sherbet dress for my granddaughter. Where can I get the fabrics, etc. for these patterns? Thanks so much. Absolutely love, love the cute dresses!!

suzanne taylor

I have he bullion whimsies dvd and can't wait to get started, but I am not an artist so where can I find bullion patterns to trace on to fabrics?

Mary Kain

Being a sewer for 65 yrs as well as a crafter, knitter and crocheter I am also a hoarder by nature. Making these patterns for my great granddaughters I have saved tons of money simply by raiding my stash of fabric scraps for contrasts on almost every outfit I make.
Scraps from the new fabrics then get returned to my stash for the next time.

Marty Kilroy

Hi, Kari. I just got the sundress pattern that comes in a range of sizes. The yardage measurements are clear but I haven't been able to find size measurements so I can tell what size my granddaughter would wear. Help please? Thanks

Kathleen Noltensmeyer

I had a great dress save by using one of your embellishments. Enjoy!

debby  clements

Do you ever teach the sunshine on my shoulder's dress? if so, where? also, do you teach a basic technique class? thanks, Debby Clements

Debbie Jenkins

Hi Kari, I can't wait for your class in March in Jacksonville,FL.!! As you know we're doing your wonderful raincoat. I want one for me. Is there any chance that you could do an adult pattern? I would just love to make myself one after the class!!

pam ham-adams

Hello, precious Kari!
Everytime Cookie Bahr and I get "down," we remind ourselves of the wonderful two days in your pre day class, where we got more done than in the rest of the week. It's just something in the way you teach!
We had such an amazing time. Thank you very, very much.
I am almost finished with my whimsy outfit, the pants and top, and will send it to AZ for a Christmas gift for a niece. Hope all is well with you in CA...hope to see you (and darling Audra) again.

Glenda M

Ok my curiosity is peaked. Where can I purchase a copy of Stitch Craft Create?
Thanks so much.

jjessie petrill

i neeed the pattern in sept 2009 bias abd blooms by keri mecca in size 10 this would be a back issue. can you help me jessie

Tona Cornelius

Hi Kari - long time no talk or see. We finally met at a Martha Pullen event (but I can't remember if it was Pomona or Pasadena?) many years ago (when our daughter was a teen - now she is 20!

The Sewing with Wimsy Book is beautiful! Hope your family is well. Maybe see you at the grocery store.

Thanks for making Ladies size patterns - we gals love wimsy too.

Take care,

Kathleen D

Kari, you say you are left-handed and you learned to smock! Hooray! I've tried but simply cannot look in a mirror while trying to read instructions, so I gave up. I was told I have to "work it backwards". Do you have any hints on smocking left-handed?

Christy Aerni

I would like to buy your books at the book store. What book store carries your product? Or what store carries all your products? Thanks, Christy

Mary Smith

I purchased the Sewing with Whimsy book awhile ago and love it, but I have a question. I really want to make the spring fling dress in the book, but I need it in a size 4-5 and the largest you have is 24 months. Do you have a pattern for that size or can you tell me what I need. I really want to make the dress for my 4 yo for this summer. I hope you can help me. I have tried to contact you several ways and have been unable to get you. Hope this reaches you. I really want to make this dress.
Thanks Mary Smith [email protected]

Kari Mecca

At this time the sunsuit pattern is out of print. I would suggest my pattern "Melody" as an alternative with the bonus of this pattern having a smocked inset option too. Hope this helps! Kari

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